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11:18pm 11/07/2005
  any takers on what this could mean??

past present future spread....Collapse )
08:26pm 17/12/2004
  New Mix MP3 for Download

DJ SGC - Nu - NRG Mix 2004

Total Playing Time: 64mins

Track Listing: Under Cut

Format: MP3

Bit Rate: 128kb/s

File Size: 58.63Mb

Black Box Improv Festival 
06:59am 12/07/2004
  i saw from this community's interests that people here like improv and therefore may be interested in attending an improv comedy theater festival in atlanta for as little as $15 for performance space and workshops or $5 if you just want to see a show. please help me spread the word, particularly to any college troupes that may be interested in coming. e-mail blackbox@dramatech.org for more infornation. Thanx.

~matthew (production manager of LTT!)
The Color of War 
05:05am 06/12/2003
The Color of War
Best Exchange Ever 
03:20am 29/11/2003
  "Did I just see Air Force One?" the pilot radioed.

There was a pause. Then came the response from Air Force One: "Gulfstream 5" -- a much smaller aircraft.

Another pause. "Oh," said the BA pilot.



"Human-Vector Sojourn in Congnizance of an Nth Term" or "The Story of Awareness" 
01:31am 26/11/2003


Biogeny is a line dividing states of essence. The animate and the inanimate owe difference to physical displacement and manifestation in varying scope of temporal period. What fate we are not to apprehend becomes matter-of-opinion and splits as ineffable the tangible and intangible - space is left as gestured assonance. There are left motions, ones through force, of bodies penumbral in size that mix through the epochs, gathering speed over time and accelerating acceleration. In the Precambrian, heat and dynamic system beget death and rearrangement as inevitability and the synchronous fuse in matter; consciousness begins as a stir, entropic and gathering polarity. History comes into the chemistry of cosmological mixing and churning where awareness is a symptom, a disease of physicality, a microcosm of integrated and systemical hierarching managements of stuff. A thing call misanthropy is the rung of the sword - intelligence is in name only and self-effacing. Definition implies reduction. Fiction, is behavioral.
10:25pm 18/11/2003
its just more music for the lonley headphone crowd
and we will fight back
we are rockers
we rock out
to the killer jist
of cellular astroturf
kung-fu jesus man
caught cillping the razor scopes
of one deft
one trump card left
a spilling beans
turns angry plate
(hunt down in conference town)

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yay! 1st post 
04:03am 15/11/2003

"I'm not sure what weapons will be used in World War III,but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." ~ Albert Einstein


You know, I feel like there are often times when rationally minded politics really just won't cut it...

A friend once told me: "Conservatives are by definition stupid" and I know his words may have been at times crass, but I don't think he's read documentation regarding The Turing Test or anything similar though i know him to be a fan of Alan Watts; I've caught him reading scripture with foundations in Taoist philosophy...

I just don't know what to say. I believe in the power of free will and by god! I think this country needs to find the nearest scapel and start aiming for each other's pineal gland cuz Lord knows a shit-storm is a brewin' some place, and we won't know the anagrams and covert-cover-codes for decades.:

Pieces of


Towering as


Not yet


And yet




"Monkeys use guns in germinating comfort."

Hope some of this makes sense tomorrow morning. Night all!
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09:06am 30/09/2003

another from lady_exxxa who should just join this damn comm.
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08:57am 16/09/2003
  so i mucked up the first painting is supposed to be landscaped....
and shortened just a little bit....

wow i am the only one that posts ... i suck. well here are some paintings from lady_exxxa

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12:07pm 04/09/2003
  ok proof? like i said Liar - Murderer and this time it has nothing to do with satanic sex slaves or HARRP(maybe you should look into this one) or monarch programming

as posted in guerillanews
10:17am 07/08/2003
mood: too hungry too soon
damnit ... not much activity in this comm. oh well ... that's cool. so heres a link to go2

Free Alex and Derek King

i wish more peeps would get up in this hizzzy ... maybe i'll spam it about
liar ... MURDERER! 
10:38am 21/07/2003
  this article has been posted by kvkflower on her journal
and has been posted in these comms. liberal, querillanews and progressivenews
so if i cross post this and you've seen it before ... ummm sorry, just to remind you to pass on this info ... because we are the only
ones strong enough to fight. They are not bigger then they could possibly be smaller then us. They only dress that why to frighten us and oh how easily our clothes burn...


Wow and still no belly button....
05:07pm 18/07/2003
  the united states of america is ranked #1 in terms of its military...how about its education system?

[as of 2002]

1 South Korea
2 Japan
3 Finland
4 Canada
5 Australia
6 Austria
7 Britain
8 Ireland
9 Sweden
10= Czech Republic
10= New Zealand
12 France
13 Switzerland
14= Belgium
14= Iceland
16= Hungary
16= Norway
18 United States
19= Germany
19= Denmark
21 Spain
22 Italy
23 Greece
24 Portugal

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is all of this really necessary...?? 
12:53pm 09/07/2003
  WASHINGTON (AP) -- Razor blades and medicines packaged with pinpoint-sized computer chips and tiny antennae to send retailers and manufacturers a wealth of information about the products -- and those who buy them -- will start appearing in grocery stores and pharmacies this year.

Within two decades, the minuscule transmitters are expected to replace the familiar product bar codes, and retailers are already envisioning the conveniences the new technology, called "radio frequency identification," will bring -- even as others are raising privacy concerns.

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Potential for spying
Marc Rotenberg, executive director of a watchdog organization, the Electronic Privacy Information Center, said retailers should be required to disable the tags before a consumer leaves a store.

"Simply stated, I don't think most people want their clothes spying on them," Rotenberg said.

Researchers developing RFID tags for products so far have focused on the supply chain and limited the range at which a product could be detected. Once their use becomes universal the cost of the tags could be as little as a nickel each, they say.

Sanjay Sarma, the lead researcher at the Auto-ID Center in Massachusetts, says that by adding more functions to the chip, installing a battery and attaching a longer antenna, a receiver far away could read all the information on a chip, including its exact location.

Alerting consumers, marketers
Homes equipped with receiver-readers could alert consumers when they are running low on orange juice or their prescription for heart medicine is about to expire. Hooked up to a national network like the Internet, the at-home devices could also provide details to marketers about a family's eating and hygienic habits.

Sarma acknowledges that gigantic privacy concerns the technology raises, saying one way to address them would be letting consumers disable the chips once they leave a checkout counter.

"Any technology can be abused and we've got to be prepared, be watchful for the abuse," Sarma said.

Ron Margulis, a spokesman for the National Grocers Association, said the privacy concerns are far outweighed by the benefits of RFID. Retailers, he said, could respond much more quickly to product recalls and prevent people from becoming ill from tainted products.

"You do give up a bit of privacy but the benefit could be that you live," said Margulis.

from here...
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Keep the USA out of Space! 
03:45pm 03/07/2003
mood: going home pissing
here is a link that Yahoo's got
that seems fucked up so i hope it works
There is only one thing better then the decomposing body of Strom Thurmond...... 
05:47pm 01/07/2003
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his black daughter
02:19pm 20/06/2003
mood: amused
i love get your war on:

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one more reason to fuck the government 
12:03pm 19/06/2003
mood: still not reading HP Year 5
i got this from the internet movie database imdb.com

"Hatch Proposes Destroying Pirates' Computers
Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has recommended the development of technology that would effectively destroy any computer that is repeatedly used for downloading pirated movies and CDs. During testimony before the committee on Wednesday, Hatch said that putting a downloader's computer out of commission "may be the only way you can teach somebody about copyrights." He suggested legislation that would exempt copyright owners from liability for damaging computers and suggested that pirates receive two warnings about illegal online downloading before being zapped. "If that's the only way, then I'm all for destroying their machines," Hatch said. Hatch himself has composed a number of religious songs and receives about $18,000 annually in royalty payments."

in my imho just more one world facisim
art should be free....
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krack kon cur.... 
09:19am 11/06/2003
mood: retarded coffee jerks
Bastard ; joins the fray
-A wildly disproportional cackle of events-
' dame '
wanon leffer ness near
Ayecon mauer es president
wait ... I thought I heard my name?
Don't touch that
That's Dave's
*Underwater Welding Device*
You don’t just get insurance for that?
Is it poetry or why do we call it Art?
What a mess
What a fucking goddamned mess