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yay! 1st post

"I'm not sure what weapons will be used in World War III,but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." ~ Albert Einstein


You know, I feel like there are often times when rationally minded politics really just won't cut it...

A friend once told me: "Conservatives are by definition stupid" and I know his words may have been at times crass, but I don't think he's read documentation regarding The Turing Test or anything similar though i know him to be a fan of Alan Watts; I've caught him reading scripture with foundations in Taoist philosophy...

I just don't know what to say. I believe in the power of free will and by god! I think this country needs to find the nearest scapel and start aiming for each other's pineal gland cuz Lord knows a shit-storm is a brewin' some place, and we won't know the anagrams and covert-cover-codes for decades.:

Pieces of


Towering as


Not yet


And yet




"Monkeys use guns in germinating comfort."

Hope some of this makes sense tomorrow morning. Night all!
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