zusya (zusya) wrote in bydivinewrite,

"Human-Vector Sojourn in Congnizance of an Nth Term" or "The Story of Awareness"


Biogeny is a line dividing states of essence. The animate and the inanimate owe difference to physical displacement and manifestation in varying scope of temporal period. What fate we are not to apprehend becomes matter-of-opinion and splits as ineffable the tangible and intangible - space is left as gestured assonance. There are left motions, ones through force, of bodies penumbral in size that mix through the epochs, gathering speed over time and accelerating acceleration. In the Precambrian, heat and dynamic system beget death and rearrangement as inevitability and the synchronous fuse in matter; consciousness begins as a stir, entropic and gathering polarity. History comes into the chemistry of cosmological mixing and churning where awareness is a symptom, a disease of physicality, a microcosm of integrated and systemical hierarching managements of stuff. A thing call misanthropy is the rung of the sword - intelligence is in name only and self-effacing. Definition implies reduction. Fiction, is behavioral.
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